Wrap-Around Pouch Tool Kit (5pcs)

The Tool Kit Includes 5PCS

  • Hi-Lo internal welding Gage Metric reading (Standard option)
  • V-wac under cut gage Metric reading (Standard option)
  • Adjustable Telescopic Inspection mirror swivel arm pocket clip
  • Stainless Steel Depth Scale 0-15mm Metric and Standard reading
  • LED Flash light (Battery NOT include)
GNB-04K Wrap-Around Pouch Tool Kit (5pcs)
Item Model no. Description
1 GNB-02 Economy Single Purpose HI-LO Welding Gauge
2 GNB-08 V-WAC Single Weld Gauge
3 GNB-21B Portable Ruler 150mm (6″)
4 GNBFL-01 Aluminum Flashlight
5 GNB-TIM04 Inspection Mirror