Bridge Cam Gauge

  • Be made of stainless steel
  • Checking Angle of preparation, 0º to 60º
  • Checking Excess weld metal (capping size)
  • Checking Depth of undercut
  • Checking Depth of pitting
  • Checking Fillet weld throat size
  • Checking Fillet weld length
  • Checking Misalignment (high-low)

GNB-04A Bridge Cam Gauge

The Bridge Cam Gauge, commonly known as the Cambridge gauge, is an accurate, sturdy gauge for both shop and field applications. It can measure fillet weld leg length and throat thickness, height of weld reinforcement, depth of undercut, misalignment and the angle of preparation. The Bridge Cam Gauge includes both imperial and metric measurement scales.

  • Be made of Stainless Steel, and the surface brushed treatment.
  • Laser Scale, so clear to read and the high accuracy, as well as wear-resistant.
  • Be finished by multi process technology.
  • Very durable, used the thickness design.