Medium Size Tool Kit (7pcs)

This tool kit includes 7pcs, be made of stainless steel.

  • HI-LO Welding Gauge
  • Automatic Weld Size Gauge
  • V-WAC Single Weld Gauge
  • Ruler 150mm (6″)
  • Diameter Micrometer
  • Magnifier
  • Inspection Mirror
GNB-03K/A Medium Size Tool Kit (7pcs)
Item Model no. Description
1 GNB-01 HI-LO Welding Gauge
2 GNB-03 Automatic Weld Size Gauge
3 GNB-08 V-WAC Single Weld Gauge
4 GNB-21A Ruler 150mm (6″)
5 GNB-40 Diameter Micrometer
6 GNB-M03 LED Handheld Magnifier
7 GNB-TIM04 Inspection Mirror